Junkie Flicks: B.o.B. X Bruno Mars – Nothing on You (LEGIT)

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PTDv_szmL0&feature=player_embedded] To say that I just “enjoy” the artistry that is Grand Hustle/Rebel Rock/Atlantic Records’ B.o.B. a/k/a Bobby Bay would be an understatement. B.o.B. is the “red bull” I need in traffic on the 400 as I drive to work and Bobby Ray swoops right on in during 5 o’clock to be the “mary jane”
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True Story: So, my friend and I were sitting around one day catching up on the week and I noticed that her eye contact was very wavy. After a few seconds she blurts out, “My fault girl, but damn this dude is fine!” So I whip my head around and long behold…it’s Bobby Ray! And
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