[iSUPPORT] – Introducing @Rimidi + “Find Your Rimidi” EP

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SheGotPress.com was created as a direct response to the obvious lack of exposure and press for up-and-coming, independent or underground artists, businesses, brands, etc. Our main focus is to shine the appropriate light on artist who have been consistent with their work ethic and have made a “name” for themselves despite the slight from not
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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGU9vZmNxi0] Soul songstress RIMIDI participated in a freestyle session alongside George Tandy, Jr. recently at Inner Look Miami. Starting next month, Rimidi and fellow songwirter/artist/producer Moonshyne Brown will be hitting the studio to work on her first album (that’s not yet titled). For more information on Rimidi and notices on upcoming shows and projects, log
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We’ve all had the symptons. Ear aches from the constant racket. Throbbing head from the repetitive chatter. Constant longing for something new. Something different. Something soul. BEHOLD! For I have a cure to your need for a vivacous, talented, genuine-spirited singer/songwriter. This Queen hails from the southernmost part of Florida (Miami to be exact). Her
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