PUSH Spotlight: @FatBoyRhymer on how “Staying True to Your Passion Brings You Success”

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Following the path that has been laid out for him, DJ Rhymer has fully embraced his calling as an emcee. He is a young entrepreneur, an independent artist, and a fearless spirit. Considered a package deal, he performs, hosts, promotes, dee jays and produces his own events. Walking in his love for music, he is passionate
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Tickets for the Rejuvenation 2012 Tour are starting to go on sale as partial tour dates for the remainder of the year have been released. This tour is sure to set the standards for live concerts and Juvenile, along with specially invited guests, plan to bring more than just an ordinary performance to the stage!
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For Immediate Release January 3,2012 For More Information Tuesday Knight Publicist (850) 485-5243 shegotpress@gmail.com MEDIA ALERT Scooter Entertainment’s DJ Rhymer Discusses Tour and Projects on the First Industry Conference Call of the Quarter hosted by Tuesday Knight!

via PrettyHustlaz.com: Hus-tler. An enterprising person determined to succeed; Go-getter. Now, throw some beautiful women into the picture and what do you get? The Pretty Hustlaz, of course. Founded by Candi Coated Model and Diamond Diva, its a wonder how these two didn’t come together sooner…both come from the same places: Florida, Jamaican, and New
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