Has FEAR Put Your Goals in a Full Nelson?

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The mind is one of the the most amazingly complex organs that will never fully be explainable. Some things you just can’t solve with logic and history. Some things require no thought. Some things just are. Fortunately for us we have the option, hundreds of thousands of times a day, to change, re-direct or recreate
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Sometimes the perfect match, start the worst fires. Bagged, borrowed and straight stole this from my colleague over @ CandiedJamz.com. Marinate and let simmer. [Supplier]

From the desk of  Tha Possibilities: LADIES…can i offer you some advice? If you think it’s all BS, that’s cool…but i hope you can find some value in it. #1: Sure, having more male friends than female friends might be less drama, but it’s also probably the reason you’re still single. ;). Trust me when
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