Breathtakingly Fine Possibilities: I don’t see NOTHING wrong…with being FINE!

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From the desk of BFP: Well, I’m one of those people that doesn’t do ‘either/or’ very well. Nothing is all bad…nor all good. I believe a black woman’s body is the absolutely most beautiful creation every conceived. Actually (and not to step on anyone’s religious beliefs), I happen to be the Creator (God) is a
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Ladies, Queens, Barbies, Bad Bisches: It’s very rare to find a man that is not only interested in empowering and uplifting the black female but one who also finds it necessary to call us out and check us on some of our mess. Luckily, BFP a.k.a. Breathtakingly Fine Possibilities a.k.a. Tha Possibilities has made it
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From the desk of  Tha Possibilities: LADIES…can i offer you some advice? If you think it’s all BS, that’s cool…but i hope you can find some value in it. #1: Sure, having more male friends than female friends might be less drama, but it’s also probably the reason you’re still single. ;). Trust me when
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